Gregor Smith
Gregor Smith


My name is Gregor Smith, I'm a user experience/web designer by trade with over 20 years experience of pushing pixels. I've created websites, email campaigns and web applications for companies large and small. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. What are you waiting for?


View a selection of the projects I've been involved with or completed entirely on my own, these range from single serving pages to expansive web applications. Due to the ever changing nature of the web, these projects are listed as is and as they were. Look for the ones with the little pink hearts, they were my favourite projects to work on.


Resumés, no one likes to write them, no one likes to read them. Mine has been evolving over the years, and I've recieved reasonably good feedback about it, it's a good reason I remain gainfully employed, for instance. You can skip it altogether and download the version of your choosing below.
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